Baseball Post-Season Assessments

We’ve all seen the mechanics of the pitcher with an extreme amount of layback and wondered, “is that healthy?” “How does he throw like that?” Knowing what his mechanics and range of motion look like throughout the entire year would give us a lot of insight into their training program, specific needs and long term arm health.

It is important, in a well designed training program, to have metrics that are consistently tracked to measure progress and overall health and well-being.

In our Baseball athletes, especially pitchers, we monitor arm health throughout the year to set our athletes up for long-term success. This information allows us to adjust training, exercise selection and workload to constantly meet their needs.

One very important test is to measure internal and external rotation of the shoulder. This test will show changes during a season, recovery in the post/off season, and also provide indicators of potential injuries in the future.

Check out how to perform the test in this week’s video…remember to compare the TOTAL range of motion (internal + external rotation) of right arm vs left arm.