Baseball Post-Season Assessments

We’ve all seen the mechanics of the pitcher with an extreme amount of layback and wondered, “is that healthy?” “How does he throw like that?” Knowing what his mechanics and range of motion look like throughout the entire year would give us a lot of insight into their training program, specific needs and long term Read more about Baseball Post-Season Assessments[…]

5 Reasons to Strength Train for Baseball

Strength Training is not a new concept. However, in recent years, many baseball players from Little League to the Majors are looking to gain a competitive advantage through a strength training program. As with any new endeavor, there can be a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings of what an effective training program for a baseball Read more about 5 Reasons to Strength Train for Baseball[…]

FREE Post Throwing Recovery Program

A proper warm up prior to throwing is fairly common among baseball and softball players and coaches. However, a proper cooldown and recovery program is typically overlooked in the rush to get off the field and get home. Our team at Peak Athletics have put together our favorite and most effective stretches in the easy-to-use Read more about FREE Post Throwing Recovery Program[…]

Smash your way to Overhead Success!

One of the most common positional errors we see in clients is in overhead lifting (snatch, jerk, press, etc). It takes global flexibility to be able to achieve a proper (read safe) position. Too often we see people just go blindly into stretching their shoulders in an attempt to improve that position. In order to Read more about Smash your way to Overhead Success![…]

Technique Tuesday: Sumo Deadlift

This training cycle we are introducing you to the sumo deadlift! We are really excited about it and are looking forward to teaching you! First, below is an overview of the technique we need to use while performing the sumo deadlift. Second, here are a couple reasons why Buy stanozolol in australia we are implementing Read more about Technique Tuesday: Sumo Deadlift[…]

10 Tips for Athletes Struggling to Gain Weight

At Peak Athletics we coach a wide variety of athletes daily with just as many goals when it comes to body weight and performance. Gaining weight…solid weight…takes just as much dedication and attention as proper training. Below are 10 tips we have used with our athletes in order to pack on solid pounds that will Read more about 10 Tips for Athletes Struggling to Gain Weight[…]