Smash your way to Overhead Success!

One of the most common positional errors we see in clients is in overhead lifting (snatch, jerk, press, etc). It takes global flexibility to be able to achieve a proper (read safe) position.

Too often we see people just go blindly into stretching their shoulders in an attempt to improve that position.

In order to attack overhead restrictions properly, a full assessment needs to be done of the T-spine, lats, delts, pecs, etc to find the limiting factor.

Today we are going to address one of the most commonly overlooked areas, the lats.

Often times we don’t feel the effects of a tight lat directly.  However, it will have a huge impact on your overhead position and performance.

All you need is a foam roller or a piece of PVC Pipe that is big enough to roll on. Watch the video and use this easy trick before you train next time. We recommend 10-20 rolls on each side prior to overhead lifting .