Tight IT Bands? Try this 2 minute fix!

Your IT Band plays a major role in performance and function of your legs and hips.

If you are experiencing pain or tightness it is important to spend time analyzing and assessing what is causing that in the first place. Do you have poor technique while running or lifting? Are you weak in your adductors or other muscles and compensating with your IT Bands? Are you sleeping in a bad position?

The point of today’s Technique Tuesday, though, is to give a quick and easy way to relieve the pain and tightness. Remember, this will treat the symptom and not always the problem so remember to assess first!

But to use today’s tip all you need is a lacrosse ball or something around that size that is hard so you can lay on it. Check out the video by Coach Kelly on how to relieve your IT Bands in 2 minutes!